Native of German, but sometimes English still is easier [just wanted to share]

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Native of German, but sometimes English still is easier [just wanted to share]

Postby SGP » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:17 am

Recently I sent a PM to a certain member telling him why exactly I, although being a native of German, use it on very rare occasions only for my forum activity. This was also, but not only, about English being easier for myself sometimes. Yes, really.

Later I realized that what I wrote could also be of interest to some of you because of certain language-related aspects mentioned. Even when I am quoting my own PM (rather than someone else's, and I don't do that at all even in an anonymized fashion), I am not even indirectly mentioning something someone else said to me in a personal message. Also, I shortened it a bit and maybe changed a few words, but that's all.

So here you go:

There is something about the creative juices. Whatever I said in the Swahili log (first post) about my language related energy, it is as described. However, there also is a Grand Total. Whenever I have some language energy, I only have so much of it until it is gone. Then I cannot do any language related activities until it comes back, and this possibly would require even some sleep, not just one hour, but the full required amount of sleeping.

There are some actions that could reduce that battery's (or accu's/accumulator's) power rather quickly, and there are some other actions that could even be close to a Instant Sudden Complete Drain.

For the sake of a more complete picture: Have you wondered why I, despite being a native of German, are able to use English in a way that is at least rather close to the fluency of native speakers? This is something I simply am very grateful for. So... this is about myself, literally, not -> thinking <- monolingually. I sometimes formulate my thoughts in German, and sometimes in another language like English. This already started in my youth, and that was many, many years ago. There is more than one person whom I spoke to in English, too, even if both of us are natives of German. I had a long conversation with someone that lasted several hours, and this is happened sometime in the non-distant past. I simply had to switch to English several times (African/Caribbean English to be exact), otherwise I would have severely interrupted the flow of conversation.

And even whenever it was easier for me to express my thoughts in German (still within the same conversation), I had to drop many English words and phrases, otherwise I would have caused a minor stagnation, if not more. Whenever I am able to talk to someone that way (i.e. that person hasn't got any issue with myself switching back and forward), I fully prefer it.

At the time I am re-reading my message before sending it, I got an additional thought. If it is an English only conversation, then the same doesn't necessarily even apply! This could be related to the fact of myself having read about "just any subject" of my interests very often, many times, in English, but not necessarily in German to the same extent, speaking of some of them...

Otherwise (if I am "forced" to use German only) I have to limit myself and my possibility of expressing things, especially, but not only, when it is a conversation where a multitude of topics can be mentioned.

You may also have noticed that even if my native language is German, I only used it on a few very rare occassions in the forum. This is because, as surprising as it may seem, using it for any language related activities is one of the faster ways to either reduce that battery's capacity or even entirely drain it at times. I am already using German for many other things in my life, and if one language would be enough for me, I suppose that there wouldn't be [NoBragAsUsual] more than 10 on my learning list, and a certain number on my second one which is mental only and for micro-learning/familiarization.

EDIT while still in outbox: There could be some very rare cases where using German in a mutual way [speaking of the forum activity] doesn't drain from my batteries, but they are very, very rare and limited, thus not even mentioning them.

And as for myself theoretically making corrections, in addition to them requiring myself to use German (already mentioned the effect above a short time ago :)), there even would be an additional battery draining factor. They would remind me of school, in addition to requiring a great amount of thinking. Because it is at least easier to know that it simply is possible to say something in a certain way. But to know that something certainly is outside of the scope of Standard German there is a lot of additional thinking required, because for many things, there are several possibilities of saying them.
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