I'm copying rdearman - Icelandic Profile Time!

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I'm copying rdearman - Icelandic Profile Time!

Postby eido » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:26 am

As the title says, I took this idea from our mod. I wanted to help by giving information on one of my favorite languages. I have a slight general knowledge on this topic, but could always use more help solidifying the profile and expanding it. I'll edit the post with your suggestions.


General information
The majority language of Iceland, with a diaspora in Canada that speaks it with varying abilities as well. A northern Germanic language - the one most closely related to Old Norse.
Varieties / dialects
To quote the Iceland Review: "Professor Kristján Árnason who teaches Icelandic dialects at the University of Iceland and has written a book on the subject, said there are a few differences in how Icelanders pronounce certain words depending on which region they come from. The difference between the dialects is very small and it is debatable whether they are actual dialects." It's often said that there are no dialects.
Learning with a background in other languages
For native English speakers, we could say Icelandic is a 3.5 out of 5 in difficulty. For Nordic language speakers, we might reduce that to a 2.5. To them, Icelandic is like Shakespearean or older English. Any language that has vocabulary similarities or similar structure gramatically might find it easier to learn, but if you're a native Japanese speaker, say, it will probably be very difficult.
Grammatical overview

Mutual intelligibility with other languages
Closest first to Old Norse, then Faroese. Then come the other Nordic languages.
Literature / Media / Film / Music


Podcasts / Radio / Television

Learning material:

Online material and links to information of interest
https://www.alarichall.org.uk/teaching/ ... landic.php




Language exchange
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