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Saamic Profile Published

Postby rdearman » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:45 am

Hello All,

We've had another update on the Static Site (Saamic), thanks again to Chung for working on this. Just so you are aware Chung has posted a number of Language Profile Proposals in the "HTLAL discussion" sub-forum for people to comment and improve before I lift it and put it on to the static site. If you would like to start a thread for a language which you are knowledgeable in then the pages for language profiles written by Chung or getreallanguage are a great template to start with. If you want to read them, just go to the Main Site ( and click on the Language Profiles entry in the menu at the top.

A big thanks to Chung for this profile, and to everyone who is/has contributed to our static content. ... e-profile/
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