Final Reminder re. Self-Promotion

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Final Reminder re. Self-Promotion

Postby Bluepaint » Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:47 pm

The announcement made on 23/07/2019 re. new members, link posting and self-promotion has been moved to the Forum Rules And FAQ board. The title has been changed from Help Us To Make LLOrg Nicer to New Posters And Posting Links. The name was changed to help people quickly ascertain if the thread is useful or relevant to them.

The self-promotion policy has been updated and is available here: ... 19&t=10871

There is also a link to it on the FAQ thread.

Self-promotion doesn't apply to many of you and most of our frequent users will have already seen the new policy but, now it is being fully implemented, it seemed only fair to highlight it one last time. From now on, it is each member's responsibility to make sure they follow it.
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