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Referral Link Spammers

Postby rdearman » Sun Dec 04, 2022 5:58 pm

Today I banned a couple of users who were doing "referral link spamming". Basically they have set themselves up with a referral account to some ecommerce website, and then come here and post their referral link, instead of the standard URL. Once the link is clicked and converts into a sale, the referral ID tracks down the account that provided the link and rewards the same on agreed terms.

This really pisses me off. We specifically do not put advertisements on this site, and it is provided free of charge. So when someone attempts to hijack this forum in order to make money, it boils my blood.

I don't have the ability to search out every link to see if there is some kind of referral code in the link. But if you're using the site, and you happen upon a link that looks suspicious, then please report the post, and I'll dig into it and see if it is referral link spamming.
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