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Re: Basque Group 2017

Postby crush » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:57 pm

Tillumadoguenirurm wrote:
By the way, I have a version of the King book scanned and in pdf format. I've had it on my pc for ages and can't remember where I found it, but if anyone is curious about what some of the pages looks like, they could always send me a message with their e-mail address included and I could always send them a sample.

Forget about this btw, it turns out that it's one of the versions that are available for free on their website.

Though it is worthwhile downloading the book from Alan King's site, it's a nice (free) resource :)

EDIT: It's been a while, barkatu!, baina hemen daukat euskal muzika gehixeago zuentzat:
Lisabö - Ez zaitut somatu iristen

Izaki Gardenak - Aurri gara

Willis Drummond - Ez da dudarik

Oliba Gorriak - Garaipenera arte!

(And as always, you can find a list of all the songs roughly organized by genre in the first post.)
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