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Re: Spanish Group

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:36 am
by the1whoknocks
NoManches wrote: [...]

Basically, this Mexican guy named Alan travels the world and puts everything on YouTube. I just watched a clip of him in Thailand (a place I have been to before and could relate to). I'm currently watching a video he made of him in Durango, Mexico. He happens to be with Fernanda Castillo for this episode, which is awesome because I'm a huge fan of hers from El Señor de Los Cielos.

I hope you find the channel enjoyable! I find that he is very easy to understand and it is great practice for my comprehension.

After watching this, and a couple other of Alan's videos, I have the feeling that in the distant future I'll have you both to thank when trying to learn some random language I had, until then, never anticipated learning.

Thanks for Sharing!

Re: Spanish Group

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:45 am
by NoManches
I have another YouTube channel that I need to share. This woman (named Holly) is a gringa who basically grew up in Mexico. She speaks perfect English and PERFECT Spanish (at least to my non native ears she speaks perfect Spanish).

I'm sharing this channel because it seems like for every video she makes in English or Spanish, she makes an identical one in the other language. For those who are a beginner or intermediate I think a great way to work on listening comprehension would be to watch a video in English and then watch the Spanish equivalent right after. I did this and was able to watch the Spanish version with close to 100% accuracy after watching the English version.

A few of her videos focus on the Spanish language and her experiences growing up as a "gringa" in Mexican schools.

I recommend watching this video first (the English version):

After, watch the Spanish version: ... dalSITbkbD

I'm not too interested in most of the things on her channel but there are about 10 videos I plan on watching. I hope others find her material interesting because I see this as an awesome way of working on your Spanish.

Re: Spanish Group

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:53 am
by NoManches
Hello Spanish Group!

Does anybody know of any online forums or guides for telenovelas?

I believe iguanamon (or was it somebody else) mentioned that forums/guides for telenovelas exist and can be helpful for watching Spanish television.

I'm currently watching Ingobernable and I am absolutely hooked! I'm on episode 7, have little trouble comprehending the show, and can't stop watching it! There are a few things I'm curious about and I think an episode guide or forum could help me out. Also, if a forum for El Senor de los Cielos exists that would be helpful too!

For anybody who hasn't watched this show yet, it is a "must see". I highly recommend it, especially if you use the "audio description" feature which a a few people have mentioned before.