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Re: Lyricstraining

Postby cathrynm » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:57 am

Trying out the Finnish, actually, so far not that bad. Playing on beginner, and I'm able to get enough right that it doesn't seem crazy. With the Japanese, tried a few and what I've seen so far, they are super hard. Goes by really fast. I can't get past the first lyric. I've never heard any of these songs, so I'm just trying to pick it up as it goes by.
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Re: Lyricstraining

Postby Serpent » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:18 am

Note that apart from the mode of playing, the songs are also ranked by difficulty (and colour-coded as green, orange, red).
If you can't get past the first line, see the hotkeys on the previous page.
There's also a multiple choice mode.
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Re: Lyricstraining

Postby Whodathunkitz » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:15 pm

I've spent about 4.5 hours (maybe more) on LyricsTraining in a few days.

I tried an app that I think is related on andoid, but that required every word to be filled in.

The website doesn't seem to be used that much with high scores on beginners and intermediate Spanish that I can get on the first page of, often I'm the only one from the UK listed in high scores.

I think it's very interesting and useful. Hard to say whether I'm learning the lyrics or the language so I mix up new content with Shakira songs that I've heard.

For my mildly competitive nature, I'd like to see some kind of memrise/duolingo league of cumulative points, but I understand that that would put many people off.

I would like to get a sense of how well I'm doing.

I'm new to language learning and I'm somewhere between feeling great at self learning / new abilities and utter despair when I fail at something seemingly dead easy.

So far I've done some random tracks, a few heavy metal, 1 dictation track, quite a lot of Shakira and the entire kids section - mostly I do basic once or more and then Intermediate, again once or more, sometimes aiming to get on the high score list.

Second session was motsly kids section. I returned to Shakira's "Suerte" and a couple of other songs to compare progress with my first session and my score had gone up without specifically practicing "Suerte".

Listening is the key skill I'd like to develop and it seems to be the hardest one for me, but I haven't tried speaking to people yet, just prosody practice (repeating same phrase 50 times along with a track), duolingo type speech recognition etc.

Lyricstraining seems to be something I can do when I can get hold of the computer (but a good android phone app would be better) and everyone has gone to bed. I'm tired, but can still put in the time.
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Re: Lyricstraining

Postby Whodathunkitz » Tue May 02, 2017 11:25 am

Spanish lyrics training.

Jesse & joy is great. Very clear lyrics.

If anyone wants to add me then private message me.

I'm not very competitive and compared to most here, my skills are basic.

But I find a little competition or at least comparison useful. I don't feel the need to win or want to be too outclassed!

I'm trying out this system now.

Prosody (50 repeats of a phrase)
Lyricstraining new easy (green track) beginner then intermediate
Thinking method (Language transfer) one track

I need more prosody tracks which I need to make.

With lyrics, I'm trying to do new tracks mostly, returning to some favourites as a check, and hoping that a higher personal score will cheer me up when I'm tempted to stop!
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