Listening on the Job During the Workday

Ask specific questions about your target languages. Beginner questions welcome!
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Re: What I Have Done at the Workplace

Postby Whodathunkitz » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:41 pm

coldrainwater wrote:[*]Use a Windows based hotkey program to make lookups to google translate, wordfeference, forvo, google image search, etymology websites, or anything else I want in order to automate my TL questions and to help bring ES alongside EN (for me). This is important to avoid wasting extra time using the TL. Using TL as a part of the work day needs to be smooth and you need to have enough will power not to drop the reading/writing part every time a business problem emerges.

I use IMtranslator add in to Chrome. It also stores the history - so I can export that and turn it into memrise etc quizes.

Open a page (or several over a period of time) double click on less familiar words. Later on - export the history for that language combination and time frame to csv and do some stuff (sort, count, unique) to make it work in SRS. Therefore allows several languages to be done over time.

Hmm, I'm not sure the Zombieland things would work for me nor anything film-like as I'm not a big film/music fan with regard to remembering lines or lyrics.

But it's given me an idea....

Zombieland Lista de normas de supervivencia -

1. Cardio - Ejercicios aeróbicos.8
2. Mata y remata/Rematar.8
3. Cuidado con los baños.8
4. Usa cinturón de seguridad.8
6. Sartén de hierro fundido.
7. Viaja ligero. Además de con pocas cosas se refiere a viajar solo.
8. Pégate a un tipo duro (Columbus crea esta regla y anula la anterior al conocer a Tallahassee).
12. Toallas de papel Bounty.
15. Bola de bolos.
16. Agilitarse.
17. No seas un héroe, cambiado hacia el final de la película por Sé un héroe (Cuando Columbus se enfrenta a los zombis para rescatar a Wichita y Little Rock enfrentándose además a su fobia a los payasos.)
18. Entrar en calor (Calienta).
19. Bolsas Ziploc.
21. Evita los clubs de strip-tease (Aparece en un póster)
22. Por tu vida, asegura la salida.
29. El sistema de compañeros.
31. Revisa el asiento de atrás (es añadida por Columbus al estar a punto de morir por no hacerlo).
32. Disfruta de las pequeñas cosas, aunque eso signifique destruir muchas cosas (la añade inspirado por Tallahassee.)
33. La navaja suiza.
34. Calcetines limpios.
48. Higiene.
49. Siempre tenga copias de seguridad.
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Re: Listening on the Job During the Workday

Postby garyb » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:27 pm

Another coder here. I can usually listen to radio or music while programming unless I'm trying to solve a particularly difficult problem, but other tasks like writing technical documents require my full attention. I know that it's background listening and it's no substitute for concentrated listening, but it's better than nothing and every bit of exposure adds up, right?
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Re: Listening on the Job During the Workday

Postby jeff_lindqvist » Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:44 pm

coldrainwater wrote:For those of you in a similar boat who have managed to do so successfully, how did you initally incorporate listening on the job (and how do you do so now)?

Before I had an office I listened to my mp3 player. Nowadays, I share an office. I listen to target language radio or (in rare occasions) audiobooks, but it depends on what kind of work I'm doing on the computer.
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