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Re: Advice for Danish

Postby Zarkos » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:35 pm

Iversen wrote:The series is called "Historien om Danmark", and it is a partly dramatized history program which so far by and large isn't too bad. I do however doubt that the resident hunter gatherers really did welcome the first salesperson from abroad who arrived with a pot full of cereals and some vague golden promises about heaven on earth, but it would also have been a political statement to tell the alternative version, namely that agricultural invaders might have established an inland colony somewhere without asking for permission, and the oyster eating køkkenmødding dwellers didn't care as long as the foreigners did it far from the nearest coast. And when they did discover the new farmer community it was too late.
The link is here.

I really liked first part. The narator speaks very clearly and I was able to follow the story without any bigger obstacles. What i had discovered is a plenty of other programs that attracted my attention. It seems that i will have to start watching such programs much more than i used to do in the past.
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Re: Advice for Danish

Postby Zarkos » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:46 pm

AlOlaf wrote:For bonus exposure, you can watch the synstolkning versions of the "Historien om Danmark" episodes. In these, a woman uses the narration-less spaces to verbally describe whatever visual action's going on, so there's somebody talking Danish at all times.

Here's a link to the synstolkning version of the first episode.

If you did not pay my attention on this i would not know that there are synstolkning version. I prefere to get as much expositure in the unit of time as I can and find this very helpful. Thanks ☺
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Re: Advice for Danish

Postby Stefan » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:28 pm

Iversen wrote:Instead I'll refer people interested in this country to check a new series on Danish television (DR) - and you shouldn't expect the access to be open forever. Actually I don't know whether people outside Denmark can watch the programs in the DR archives, but please tell me about your experiences in that direction.

They are available until May 29, 2017 according to the description. No geo restrictions. I made this mistake with Alene i Vildmarken and missed the final three episodes since they removed them.

Five episodes in the first season (shown now):

1. afsnit: ca. 21.000 f.v.t. – 1700 f.v.t.
2. afsnit: 1700 f.v.t. – 750
3. afsnit: 750-1050
4. afsnit: 1050-1340
5. afsnit: 1350 – 1536

Five episodes in the second season (August 20, 2017):

6. afsnit: 1536-1660
7. afsnit: 1660 – cirka 1800
8. afsnit: cirka 1800 – cirka 1900
9. afsnit: cirka 1900 – 1950
10. afsnit: cirka 1950 – 2000
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Re: Advice for Danish

Postby Elsa Maria » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:45 pm


There are repeated themes/vocabulary in the Queen's speeches, and also new things each time. That is why I think they are so good for listening comprehension.

If you like speeches and politics as as an insight to culture, you can also listen to statsministerens taler. Transcripts are here:
Not all of the transcribed speeches will have easy-to-find video versions, but you can probably find quite a few. The annual nytårstale is also on the official site.

If you like to read about the history of Denmark, but are not yet up for regular nonfiction texts, I think that books written by Nils Hartmann for children are excellent. Here is a link to Historien om Danmark under 2. verdenskrig ... 8702162707

Tænkepauser is a nice nonfiction series for cultural insights. Not all of the titles are Danish-focused, of course. You can sign up to get a free ebook each month. Since you are in Denmark, you could buy physical copies of some of the previous ones. They are very nicely made, and are only 60 pages long. I bought some before I left. I own Sprog, Danmark, and Litteratur. If I recall correctly, I got a free one in the post from the university when I signed up for the newsletter.

(I am going to watch the Historien Om Danmark series from the USA. Thanks so much for the recommendation!)
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