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Re: Cloud's 2017 Korean Log

Postby Cloud » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:55 pm

I watched the new 아는형님 episode on Saturday when it was released, and watched it again subbed today. It was really weird to realise that having subs didn't actually make that much difference to my understanding. There were exactly two things from the unsubbed show that stood out to me because I didn't understand them – a sentence where I knew all the words, but didn't really understand the meaning, and a single word that was used a couple of times in different contexts to make a pun. It's not that I understood everything else perfectly, but with the exception of the two points I just mentioned, I understood enough that I didn't notice not understanding things. Does that make sense? :D

So I think it's time to dispense with subs for 아는형님. When I noticed the subbed version of the newest episode had been released I wondered whether even to watch it, since I felt like I had understood so much of it unsubbed. I'm glad I did though, it confirmed what I suspected (and now I have their new school song stuck in my head). I think it helps that I've been keeping up with the show by watching the new episodes as they're released before watching the subbed version later, as I don't think I'd have noticed my progress otherwise.

Cloud wrote:Watching [아는형님] without L1 subs is a bit frustrating, and I feel like I'm missing 90% of the jokes. I have been watching unsubbed eps, but I'm so aware of not being able to understand most of it that it takes away from my enjoyment of the show.

What a difference six weeks makes! :lol: This makes me really appreciate how useful it is to keep a log of progress - seeing the difference between then and now makes me want to weep with joy and also do a victory dance (to the new 아는형님 school song)!

To recap: in January I watched all the available 아는형님 episodes (~50) with subs, in February I rewatched the subbed episodes paying more attention to the Korean, as well as watching unsubbed episodes (newly released eps and favourites), and I've been pretty much keeping that up through March. Now, after (almost) 3 months of (almost) daily viewing, I think I'm at a point where I can understand enough of the show to just watch and enjoy. Yay!

Song starts @ 0:50 :P
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